Making your success your PRIORITY in 2019

Making your purpose, living your best life, is about as fantastic as it gets!

Now more than ever, the world needs more people to live their best life. Why? Because living your best life means being your best self and THAT has a global impact.

Do you know the story of the monk who was “placed” to live in an area of the U.S. with notoriously high crime rates? Now I can’t remember where I read this or the stats but the gist of the story is that by simply having his energy in that town, dramatically reduced the crime rate. It is suggested it was the impact of his Energy and his Intention and if you do a quick google search, you will find lots of scientific evidence to support this.Now, whilst my mission to live my best life is intrinsically linked to helping save Mother Earth, it’s totally ok for you to just want to feel totally happy, fulfilled and high on life. And in this episode, Mara and I tell you WHY this is so important and how you can go about doing that.

#redshoeaction this week gives you a simple exercise to carry out where you can identify your “GAP” and start to thinking about what will bridge it and take you to a life that looks and feels much better to you.

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