What to do when you want to throw in the towel

Yes, really, it is as simple as pulling up this big girl pants and carrying on regardless

Stats tell us that 80% of people will have quit their New Year Resolutions by the 2nd week of February. Is that you? Do you find yourself constantly stopping and starting? “I’ll start again on Monday”… “I’ll start when…..”

Depressing isn’t it? And the more you do it, the more p*ssed off you get with it. And worse than that, every time to you stop, you are actually taking another step backward!

So what do we do about it? I’d love to say that there is a “secret” to this but honestly, there isn’t. It really is about pulling up the big girl pants. Stop waiting for easy. Make it important. Give up quitting.

If you are tired of starting over, stop quitting….

I find a big problem with my coaching clients is that they don’t know either a. what specifically to work on or b. they’re really not attached to the consequence of what happens if they don’t make the change.

In this episode, Mara and I give you our best advice on always moving forward, even when it feels TOUGH.

#redshoeaction this week is identifying WHY you are where you are and deciding on what action you can take to move the needle forward.

EVERYTHING is easier said than done!