Suck it up And Get up

Whether it’s The Miracle Morning, The 5am Club, The Slight Edge or High Performance Habits – there are a growing number of books telling us about the power of getting out of bed earlier.

“Snooze the alarm, snooze your life”

is a saying that Mara heard that instigated her 5am starts in September in 2018 and her life has changed SO much because of this one (not so simple) ritual.

I more recently switched my 6am start to 5am and I am LOVING what this gives me. I get some real quiet time by myself before the sun (and my family) get up. I get thinking time, yoga time and a delectable first coffee of the day. In silence. And it gets better. I am SO much more productive and I no longer feel like I’m chasing my day.

Now, if like Mara and I used to, you have a love affair with your mattress and the snooze button, then we’d like to offer some different perceptions about why you absolutely MUST start getting yourself up out of bed earlier in the morning.

If you were truly excited about your life and what you could achieve, attain and experience today, you wouldn’t even need an alarm, let alone a snooze button.

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