Why you MUST have resilience

For the purpose of this podcast, our definition of resilience is the ability to be able to continue with courage even when you are struggling with external situations.

Today, Mara and I talk honestly about what do we do we find ourselves in the “darkness”. This is deeper than just wanting to “throw in the towel”. It’s those times when something external happens, outside of your control, and ALL you can do is decide how you are going to get through it.

Mara talks about how she struggled with allowing herself to “just fucking feel it” because she knew that suppression only leads to dis-ease and she had to learn to be #studentofthesuck.

And how do you deal with well-meaning friends who really DON’T know you’re feeling?How do you have to improve yourself in order to work through it? What do you need to do or think so you can CHOOSE to move forward?

#RedShoeAction this week. Please reach out to someone if you need help. You are not alone and someone is waiting to help you. Also, tell us what you do for YOUR friends when you know they’re struggling?


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