Sex in Long Term Relationships

Are you getting enough? Let’s be honest, there’s a general belief (and truth?) that sex in long term relationships becomes sparse. But why is that?

Is it a time thing? We discuss #schedule vs #spontaneity… we’re just being real ladies.

What about quality vs quantity? Do you agree that there is always time for a quickie or do you want to be schmoooozzzzeeed?

And how about the boredom factor. Let’s face it, we’ve done it with each other a lot. We kinda know what’s about to happen. So how can we bring that excitement back? A few things we talked about were #warmmeup #dontfart #washyourfeet.

It’s all about thinking about the IMPACT of your actions or non-actions on your partner. Are his smelly feet the equivalent of you not shaving your legs in the winter? Does he want you to greet him 1950’s style when he gets in from work but you’re a #nagginghag because you’ve had a long day.

Ultimately, if your relationship is important to you, in this session we want to talk to you about #doitforus – i.e. this is about the pair of you and what can change for you and not just YOU having more sex.

This weeks #redshoeaction is….. we want to know what you are going to do to hot up your sex life. Whether that means more of it or just better quality, come share your what you are committing to over on our Facebook page, YouTube or even on your social media channels and spread the love for Red Shoe Lounge!


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