Get to know….. Louise

We wanted to give you a deeper insight in to who we are and why we decided to publish Red Shoe Lounge. But we wanted to do it in our own quirky way.

So rather than sit and ask a series of boring questions, we thought it would be a great idea to get out a deck of guidance cards and use them instead.

In this episode, Mara gets to interview Louise and ask her questions on life, passions and dreams.

#redshoeaction this week is a question from the deck that we want to ask you –

“Am I doing more of the things that keep me alive or more of those things that make me FEEL alive?” – as always we’d love for you to share your answers in the comments below, on our YouTube channel or on our Facebook Page.

We hope this gave you a deeper insight in to what makes Louise “tick” – although don’t ask her husband because he just finds her plain confusing lol.

#redshoeaction – answer the question and share with us. Buy the cards HERE.

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